Sunday, June 2, 2013

Evolution of a Bedroom; West View.


A while back I promised that I was going to discuss my hoarding and addiction problem.  I realized that I never got around to that. Oops.  My dirty little secret is that I collect plants. It's a compulsion. I consider it a very good day when I can leave a grocery store without a little pot and when I get stressed (ahem- finals) I go to the neighborhood nursery or plant seeds that I've already accumulated.  I counted the other day and I have over 40 plants. I was going to show photos of all my beautiful little green things but I realized how boring that would be for anyone reading.

It seemed (to me) much more interesting to show the 'evolution' of my rooms over the last year. Plant aficionados will see the plants in the 'final' photos of each room.  Most of the changes where just rearrangements of things that I already had. I'll note the things I bought and their cost underneath each photograph.

Here's my bedroom, view of the bed. I'll post the east view (windows) later today.

First Month

Rearranged furniture.. I realized that I did, in fact, have enough room to face the windows.

The powers that be forbid painting, so I hung the curtain (from kitchen)  behind the bed to add color. I added the throw because it was winter and cold.

Again, no paint. I found the bamboo fencing at Home Depot for $23 +tax and with a couple of strategic tacks, wrapped it around the wall. The big plant was $12 and the pot, a splurge, at $18.

The room seemed so tiki-lounge, I exchanged the big plant for a little one ($4-HD) and added the mirror (porthole) (Walmart $9- painted yellow ($2)). I wrapped the plastic pot with blue electrical tape (pots are expensive!). 

I put privacy film on the window which darkened the room. The windchimes (Pier1- as is section $25- they're missing a strand- I retied them to cover the hole) were my effort to maximize the light in that corner.

The mirror behind the chimes ($9-Bed Bath Beyond), the fern ($4 HD, pot $18). I hung the bowl from Kenya with some twine and a screw- sling-like and used it as a shelf for the Dracaena ($4 HD).
 NOW, The final (laugh) result: 
The mirrors are from Ikea ($9 for a pack of four- I used 3 packs in the bedroom)
The Bromeliad and pot was a final exam-stress purchase (eek!- $34 HD).  The faux sheepskin was $9 at Ikea

The pillows and furniture were my mom's.  The rest of the stuff I've accumulated over the years.  The total new cost was about $200 give or take.  *cringe* It didn't seem like that much spread across the year.  Considering that almost half the spending was on plants, My addiction does seem to becoming a problem.

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  1. I love what you did with the room and that you kept adding to it over time. This is how most of my decorating happens.

  2. Wow, I love this "evolution" post! The bamboo fencing as wall covering is so creative.

  3. Thanks for the compliments!

    Capeofdreams- I've always been impressed with professional designers who can see a space and immediately come up with a complete layered decor. I need at least a year in a spot, slowly adding on and tweaking to come up with something half as cool.

    CM- I don't usually consider myself a very creative person. The bamboo came out of a desperate hatred of flat white walls and a budget that couldn't afford beautiful fabric.