Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Regarding my DIY projects this past year I'm most proud of my mantel. A vestigial architectural detail (former murphy bed alcove) that most of my neighbors use as a closet, I turned into the focal point of my main room. The shelf was a cheap craigslist find and the rest evolved from there.

 I adored a filigree fireplace screen that I saw at Ten Thousand Villages but, alas, it was over $100 so I gathered and painted white some twigs to try to capture the general idea. As mentioned before in the blog, the swag lights were crafted from materials found at HD for less than $20.

The carved wooden snake was a Playa del Carmen souvenir, the sword a Viking replica harvested in Sweden, and the crystal was from a) parent's wedding gifts or b) a Czech Waterford 'outlet'.

The spider plants were reaped from my grandmother's 50 year old blossoming mother plant. 

In the mirror reflection are the 3 masks that collected from India (Ganesh), Italy (Carnival) and South Korea (burial), a (pretty lame) interpretation of Lascaux that I did in high school and the Civil War discharge certificates of a # great grand father.

The rug was painted courtly check ala Mackenzie Childs by a dear friend who shares my love of the whimsy.


 EDIT: after I posted these photographs, I added shelves & lowered the paintings.


  1. Just read your AT comment on how high to hang art on the walls. Your two pictures above your bookcases look great.
    The nook you've created is also fun tho as you said, busy. Green curtain seems to confuse the effect, as do the lamp chains, for me at least.
    what would you think of using two tall buffet lamps in place of the plants, hanging lamps and green satin curtain? JustJude on AT

    1. JustJude- Thanks for your input!

      I actually tackled this 'issue' today- In an effort to decrease the busy-ness of this wall, I lowered the paintings and hung shelves above. This thinned out the bookcases which made a HUGE difference.

      I'd love to do tall buffet lamps but: student budget=zero. I'm thinking of wrapping the lamp chains with white electrical tape to 'recede' them...

      I'll post updates tomorrow :)