Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Yes... another Evolution Post; + Social and Political Ramblings.

I'm really enjoying this summer. I've become friends with my neighbor, an recent art school graduate trying to break into Big City theater scene. We shared a bottle (two actually.. Eep) of wine and bonded over Josh Whedon, the Big Bang Theory, women's rights, our mutual girl-crush on Rachel Maddow, and certain other nerdy idiosyncrasies. 

Aside: NJ has the best state political scene ever.  A few years ago, when I was couch surfing in Cherry Hill (mom, hospital, Phillie, long story), I was introduced to one of the few Republicans I actually like (Christie).  Now.. it's looking like he's going to appoint my reigning boy-crush, Cory Booker, (sorry Hrithik, you've been usurped) to the newly opened Senator seat (RIP Lautenberg- you were a great force). Maddow mentioned in a recent episode that this would be a nightmare to the Dems facing the 2016 election season because it would portray Christie, GOP, as a bipartisan awesome person.  Even though I'm quite liberal (and so staunchly democratic- b/c of the current political environment), I'd love to see a electoral fight between two candidates (Clinton/Christie?) who actually represent coherent and practical political ideologies- something that hasn't really existed in the last couple decades.

I'm having another dinner party tomorrow night. I've been hosting these every couple of weeks or so (sans exam weeks). It's awesome. My school friends don't have a lot of gastronomic experience so they've been really impressed with my efforts so far. I'm so cool. (laugh)

Here's my living room evolution, east view:

 I regret buying this extendable table. It was $99 @Ikea. I use it now as a corner console to hold books/plants. It does come out occasionally when I have sit-down dinners for > 6 people.

New table.  I liked the cherry top but the industrial-cheap base bothered me. See this post to see how I 'doctored' it up. The dracaena and pot were $15 at HD. I made the chair runners from 2 yds of burgundy satin ($8 walmart).

 Current manifestation:

The mirrors on the wall (5 sets @ $9each) really brightened the room up. The old dracaena had become infested with mealybugs and I hadn't noticed until all the blades weren't salvageable. (aside: I stripped them, treated with soap/water and the plant is making a remarkable recovery outside on my doorstep). The new one was $18 @HD. The dracaena on the table was $6. The paper lanterns were on clearance at Pier1 for about $12 total. The ribbon tacked to the wall was another Walmart find ($4.00).

Caveat: I don't have a camera so all my photographs are taken with my 5 MP Ipad camera. I'm thinking to get a new camera when my financial aid disperses this August. 


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