Friday, June 21, 2013

Quickie Makeover

I posted a question in the AT comment section about my too high paintings here:

A couple of folks gave me some solid advice on how to clean up the 'busy-ness'. Alas, I can't afford new lamps but.....

I CAN afford some DIY shelves!  bam bam bam. $40 @ HD and 35 minutes with a tape measure, level and screw gun and new room!

I do need to clean the shelves up & do some reorganizing; I have my Georgette Heyer romances rubbing elbows with Leibniz and that just won't do....
And it still looks cluttered. 
I swear books spore & multiply when they're alone. You'd think that increasing the shelf space by 65% would thin them out but they're still packed.
If there are any suggestions out in blog-world on how I can tailor the wall w/o spending mucho dinero or losing all the books, I'm all ears (eyes).

But, that is a project for another day. I'm off to the zoo!


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