Saturday, June 22, 2013

By Popular Demand.... of one.

Here's the long awaited, almost complete (kitchen tomorrow!) current state of apartment tour.  Most of these photos were posted previously on the blog; I've just gathered them up into a handy-dandy single feature. It has definitely come a long way.  Tomorrow'll be my last tour post until next year (maybe). Then, it's back to the medschool crap. 

My Little apartment summary: It was rented to me as a studio with a small dining nook between the kitchen  & entry-way.  I decided to make that small room my sleeping area.
Dimensions, in square feet:
Sunroom alcove: 63.6
Main room: 199.6
Hallway: 34.8
Bathroom: 40.5
Sleeping area:  97.4
Kitchen: 64.4

Total apartment (including closets): 532.8

I wish I had a camera; these were taken with my Ipad. Next year's photographs will be of better quality. Promise!

Please: if you have any ideas or suggestions to polish this place, gimmee! I'm not the most artistic/creative person & need help for next year's round of nesting.

If my inspiration for the apartment were to be defined it would be a trip around the world. I've tried to be cohesive by including the same elements in every room: plants, natural finds (stones, twigs) and materials, mirrors, personal artwork.

Starting here in the main room, I'm at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul; a cross-roads & jumble of textures, fabrics, plants & books from Africa, Europe, the Middle East & South Asia.



As we head into the hall, we head east to Asia.

The hall finds us in India.


And the bathroom is Viet Nam. 

As we continue east into the bedroom, a beachy Playa Del Carmen emerges.

And for our last stop on our eastern journey, We enter a small and casual French bistro for a cup of coffee or glass of wine.

Here's are the links to the pictorial evolution this past year of my bedroom & living room:

north living room & sunroom
south living room
west living room
east living room
east bedroom
west bedroom


  1. You have seriously done an amazing job. I haven't done much of anything to decorate my apartment despite being here for three years. My sole accomplishment has been hanging three photos in my front entrance.

  2. Sorry for not commenting previously, but I love the before and after pictures. What you have done with the place is really awesome! It looks so cozy and nice.

  3. SD- Thank you! This past year, I've been rather obsessed with getting it right. You know us INTJs, once we're fixated... It probably stemmed from being homeless for so long. I'm pretty satisfied & looking forward to my 'new project'. I need to explore the midwest a bit. You've probably seen more of Chicago than I & I live here!

    Ann- Thanks! I'm so glad people are liking the pictures. I had a ton of fun taking & arranging them. I felt very self-indulgent posting so many, but then, what else are blogs for besides indulging one's obsessions?

  4. Wow, your place looks fantastic! My favourite is definitely all the greenery and colours that you've included. Makes your place appear full of life. Well done!

  5. oh man - I LOVE the reed/bamboo wainscotting in the bedroom - just fab!

  6. Wow... Thank you for taking the pain and putting it together after a random request from me. I love it.

    I am in love with your dedication for your living space despite the fact that you might have to move.

    I wish I could just do a third of what you have done when the time comes.

    Hope your anatomy exams are going fine. I do read your blog always but am too lazy to comment or check back for replies. Sorry.

  7. your pretentious and your apartment isnt great. Do you know how many bugs plants bring in? you live in a dirty home

  8. I hope you know the Anonymous above and have secretly placed mosquito larva in a cup of water the won't find for a day... I saw a link to your blog in an Apartment Therapy post - I'm totally impressed! I love your theme and how you have broken up the apartment by place, which paradoxically really brings it together - if that makes sense! And I do have a suggestion, because you asked for them honestly, which is cool. Well, two suggestions. The first: when I got to the end of the pix, I kept remembering how you carried the red satin as a theme throughout - I love it - and bits of red in general. I wanted some red in the bathroom... maybe just a red satin ribbon around bamboo? And maybe on the hall shelf - like one of those red poly-satin embroidered jewelry pouches you find at farmer's markets? Maybe a simple red silk flower in a small vase, on coffee table? I love how even the red dish towel works... the second thing: You are officially a Creative Person! How do you not see yourself that way? I had to comment when I read that statement which was clearly at odds with the rest of the page. I don't know you, but I consider myself to be creative, and I would never be able able to pull this off! I also (correct me if I am wrong) live for, in, and on books, and yet they aren't dominating your 500ish square ft space, but look like books do in Better Homes and Gardens. I'm in awe... to not have the books dominate the apt? Now THAT'S creativity! Ok, lecture over.

  9. Taryn- Thanks for your input! I'm sorry I didn't respond earlier, I was on holiday and out of wifi range. It was a cleansing experience.

    It thrills me that you noticed that the splashes of scarlet were a theme in my place. I agree that its presence was needed more in the the hallway but I was waiting for the right accent to pop up & I was using the orange frame as a placeholder. I've since hung an old oil painting of Asian junks at sunset, lots of yellows, reds & oranges. I also added a full-length sari with that particular red scarlet in its pattern as a curtain between the hall & and the main room. I think it gives that little space the extra that it needed.

    The bathroom... oh, I was torn. Because I used a particular bright pink as the accents, I didn't want to overdo it with the scarlet so I added just the tiniest touch with the hummingbird's breast. I guess it didn't really show in the photos on this post, maybe you can see it better in my bathroom tour (