Sunday, June 9, 2013

I Live in a Forest

I had a meeting on Friday with a Dean about my summer remediation of anatomy. I'm not worried about the big test; I know that my struggles in the fall were mostly due to depression/loneliness/dislike of the course director. I'm much more focused now than I was then.

It sucks that I failed but to bastardize Cressida "Things failed are finished, joy's soul lies in the doing".  In all honesty, though it's really embarrassing and a pain that I'm going through this (I still haven't told a soul- besides you lovely blog readers), I could care less, maybe because I've experienced real loss and real regret (parents dying, words that can't be unspoken etc). I've gotten into the habit of looking at something and, if it'll stick to my soul twenty years into the future, then I'll give a shit. But having a P* instead of a P on my transcript, bullocks.

I won't fail another class if only to avoid the endless meetings with people who want to advise me, both my faculty mentors, a Dean of student affairs, a Dean of the study center, the advising center, the course director.  They all want to reassure me that it's okay, that I'll do alright in the remediation and that this won't affect my overall standing, that despite this, because of my performance in other classes, I'm actually towards the top of the class.

One positive aside, throughout the endless meetings, people have told me that with my hospital experience and people skills (apparently, I have great people skills) I'm going sail through 3rd year. Huh.

Anyhow: Here's my living room evolution. I'm too lazy to break down the cost factor. If you want to know just ask. Suffice to say, most of the money went to the plants. I used a clearance shower curtain (with sequins!) in the window treatment.

Evolution of South View Living Room

Current Manifestation: 

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north living room & sunroom
west living room
east living room
east bedroom
west bedroom 

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