Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not The Destination But The Journey There...

I am currently 13 hours into a train ride to Big City. I am starting my apartment hunt. I decided take the train because it was so much cheaper than flying or driving and I have the time.  I’ve only ever been on Amtrak a handful of times and they all were over a decade ago and on the opposite coast. Though I’ve traveled rather extensively by rail in Europe and Asia, the mode had never been part of my own cultural vernacular and so domestic intercity train travel never really crosses my mind as an option when I decide to go somewhere.

I think that is going to be changing. I’ve really enjoyed myself.  The entire process, from check in, the trip itself and leaving has been hassle free. I went through no crazy security check points, I could pack snacks AND DRINKS for the trip and I’m going to just step off the train and walk into the city.

There’s an old proverb that states “If time matters, and of course it does, take a plane: If time is even more important, go by ship.”

This train is my ship today. I love that distance traveled to Big City is part of my journey and not just an interruption.  I can stand, walk, meander to the dining car and have a glass of wine. I’ve interacted with a group of nuns, a family of Mennonites and the two potheads talking about volunteering at Lollapalooza next August.

The cars have wifi (Awesome!) and people just seem friendlier and more helpful. Maybe it’s the overall relaxed atmosphere. Anyhow, I think that I’ll take it.