Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hello Again

I can't believe that I haven't posted since October.  Things have been busy- great- but busy.  School is going really well and I'm loving pathology.  Pharm- not so much.  I think that most of the last year & half, I've studied how to study.  I've stopped going to most lectures. Not being an auditory learner, it's easier to read the material and then listen to lectures on double speed to catch any unwritten tidbits.  I think that most of our class has a similar approach- I peeked into the lecture hall yesterday and there sat only 35-40 students out of 150. 

I did discover that we lost a classmate (as in dropped out- not deceased) over the last year.  It seems to me that that point of no return has passed though. 150K debt tells me that I can't change my mind until I finish and practice for a few years.  Not that I want to- it's just scary to have the option fade away. 

Anyway-  I have a SP exam in 2 hours so here is a procrastination photo of furniture/decor rearrangement. And the cat. Until next time....