Sunday, March 30, 2014

And Things Escalate....

Spring Break is over but spring hasn't yet decided to arrive.  We have 5 weeks left of classes, 14 exams, 2 papers and 6 independent learning nodules to complete.  Then the studying really begins, the school gives us 4 weeks for intensive independent cramming for the boards. One week off  (during which- I'll be helping my brother move into his new house- Jeez, he has several tons of stuff) and then I start my 3rd year clinical rotations.  It'll be a kick-off into Ob-Gyn. 

If I had time to think about it, I'd be so excited/terrified to start. 

This week, one of our professors was hospitalized. A hospital chaplain stopped by our lecture hall and lead a class prayer for recovery and our class president sent around a collection for flowers & a card to sign.  Later that afternoon, during a small group study session, I asked Prez how Prof was doing. He said that Dr. P was doing much better & was being discharged the next morning. 

I then asked what he was hospitalized for.  Prez flew off the handle. He raised his voice (in the library- which was embarrassing) and told me that it was none of my business and completely inappropriate that I had the balls (his word, not mine) to ask. He then gave me a mini lecture on HIPAA and suggested that I think a little more about the ethics of the field that I was training for. 

Though I was completely taken aback (and annoyed) by his (dickish) reaction, it made me reflect. I know that the prof's illness is none of my business and that chipping in $10 for flowers doesn't give me any right to information about it.  I certainly wouldn't have approached one of his caregivers and I would have respected my classmate's reluctance to share if he was uncomfortable sharing what the prof told him in private.  I'm quite offended though to have been told off for being nosy and unprofessional.  They (the school and our class prez) solicited my prayers and money regarding this hospitalization. They engaged me in this. It is a medical school and we're all (supposed to be) curious about medicine. Was I out of line to ask?

What do you think, dear Internets? 

Here are some photos of my Seattle trip:
 These 'reeds' are just north of the Needle in Seattle Center.

 A sculpture in the center of the universe (Fremont)

 Apparently, Seattle has no zoning limitations on some farm animals.

 Le Pichet is, hands-down, one of my favorite restaurants in the world.  It's a perfect example of the casual-French bistro without the French Attitude.

 A view from McCaw Hall.

Downtown Seattle from across the way @ the Harbour Pub on Bainbridge.