Monday, June 17, 2013

Bathroom Update

I rearrange plants a lot. They're lighter than furniture and picky about their location. Sometimes the plant disagrees with the light, humidity or hungry cat where I originally placed it. This is why all of the spider plants are elevated out of kitty-reach. Toulouse loves the pretty yummy leaves.   Likewise, the dwarf palm planter that had been in the bathroom did NOT like the diffuse light there. So, a few weeks ago, out she came to the much more pleasant direct sun of the south windows.  She is much happier on the desk:

So to maintain the mini spa ambiance in the bathroom, I substituted what had been originally planned: lucky bamboo.  Several months ago, I had gone with the dwarf palm because I couldn't find any reasonably priced bamboo plants but a few weeks ago, I stumbled across these stalks for 99 cents/each at a small gardening shop and went crazy! (well.. $18 crazy....) I'm thrilled with the result. It seems much cleaner to me.

I also finished an ongoing de-uglify the medicine cabinet project.  Frustratingly, I didn't think to take any 'before' photos: it was a typical rusty beige blight in the room.  I used wood-flavored contact paper (it'll peel off pretty easily) and bright pink duct tape.  It took awhile to figure out how to apply the contact paper so that it didn't bubble and crease. I ended up cutting it in strips and applying it to mimic the wood floors in the rest of the unit. It gives me a thrill to open up the cabinet to see bright pink: my little secret.


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