Sunday, June 23, 2013

As Promised, Last Nesting Post: The Kitchen

Here y'all go:

The kitchen is little: about 5.5 x 11 ft with 28 inches of counter space. I tried to go with a casual french bistro inspiration.

I use the burlap bag as storage for coffee & bread and a couple of other reusable shopping bags.

This windowsill is the plant infirmary. Sick plants come here to recuperate.  The window coverings are just raw pieces of green burlap pinned to tension rods.

The red 'wine purse' (a gift from my brother) atop the fridge is my paper towel dispenser.

All of my non-refrigerated produce goes in the wire baskets or the wooden bowls.

I keep my lesser used dishware in the bins atop the cabinets (my great-grandma's wedding punch bowl, my huge pasta dish) and my bulk grains (rice, barley, quinoa, peas etc) in the wire picnic basket.

I placed the leftover mirror panels (from: the bedroom & living north wall) here to visually 'elongate the stubby counter space.

 The cheese slate board & serving plate stack here, pretty but out of the way until needed.

I use cherry tomatoes in everything: pasta, salads, stir fry, soup. Again, the cutting board is against the wall, pretty, out of the way and easily reached.

This is one of two 'herb gardens'.  Here grows Italian basil, mint & rosemary- the most commonly used herbs in the kitchen. The 'herb garden' in the sunroom grows red basil, cilantro & chives.

I keep my alarm clock next to the coffee for 2 reasons:
1. I'm a pathological snooze abuser so having to walk to another room to do so helps
2. coffee

I am really really lucky with this apartment. It's not huge (533ft) but the amount of light is amazing. I have 12 windows including one in the bathroom and one in my big closet.  Despite the landlord limitations (no painting) I've been able to really create a home here and I love it.

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