Monday, June 3, 2013

Evolution of a Bedroom, East View

I realized that I never mentioned how final exams went. A.W.E.S.O.M.E.  Both the (cumulative-ugh) physiology and immuno finals were insanely challenging. I wanted to cry when I finished because I was certain that I failed but I ended up doing really well. Huh.

Now that the semester is over, I can actually reflect on how I like the type of material that has complicated convoluted interconnections (immuno, metabolism, endocrine etc).  It's more interesting to learn and it's actually fun to apply- kind of like in Orgo when 'making' a certain molecule- being able to choose different paths to get to the same place.   I can't wait until patho next year when it gets really interesting.

As for the promised bedroom photos:

Here ya go.  Again, mostly rearrangements of my already owned stuff. I'll mark the cost of new things (mostly plants) in the photo captions.  I put the curtain up on the one side because I only had the one curtain rod left (& I was too cheap to buy another..) and I wanted to hide the ugly little AC unit.

Moving day. You can see that there's absolutely no privacy without the blinds. I hate blinds.

I switched the chairs out for the bench when I rearranged the bed.  The laundry basket is new: It was the cheapest wicker @ Bed Bath & Beyond. I don't remember how much it cost... under $20, I think.

The window film (and applicator) was apprx $15 at Home Depot. I didn't want to spend the $30+ on the decorative films so I got the cheap stuff and carved waves at the top to make it more interesting. I found a piece of scrap wood in the basement and the shelf brackets were about a dollar each at HD. Plants: orchids $8.99, aloe $3.99  at Trader Joes. The Ponytail Palm was $7.99 and the jade (RIP) was $5.99 @ HD. The jade was my first final exam fatality.
 FINAL (for now) result....

I love how glowy the room looks with all the mirrors (see west view). I really tried to position them to maximize light and minimize people reflection. I do NOT want to stare at my own sorry self all the time. I actually have to bend and crane to see myself in any of the mirrors. Phew. 

I picked up the shelf ($5) and the Sheepskin ($9) from Ikea. The Dracaena was $6 @HD.

The shelf & brackets were about $7.00 at HD.

So all in all, I spent less than $25/month deuglifying my bedroom (east/west). I've convinced myself that that's okay because I'm saving 3x that by not having cable TV. 

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