Thursday, February 2, 2012

'Tis the Season

We are awash with new fractures, new nursing students and bad weather in this neck of the woods. My work days are long and busy.

There was a call in tonight so busy became frenetic. There were the usual culprits of laziness but I was amazed with one of the nurses.

Airyeal* is one of the younger staff members and has always given the impression of someone who doesn't really care about anything outside the scope of her own comfort/pleasure. Tonight though, she was incredible with one of the students. She spent her entire break showing the student the ins and outs of charting, how to find information in the computer and in the chart, and what particulars are important to know as a nurse.

It was awesome and set a really good example for the rest of the preceptors. Watching their interactions totally made my night.