Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I've noticed a number of constants over the last few weeks of this course.  It took me a little while because our lecturers are fun. They joke with each other, poke fun at their favorite students and make a hard (boring) subject entertaining.

They also don't see the 40% of the class that carry two Xs.

None of the students pimped are women. Not ONCE have I heard a female name called out.  There's no negativity towards us; we're just ignored.

No examples in any of the pathological examples in lecture are female bodies.

And today during an embryology lecture on the face, the composite photo of variability examples consisted of:

Men                                                       Women
1. Harry Truman                                        1. Jennifer Lopez
2. Michael Jordan                                       2. little Pakistani girl
3.  A 40 something Asian Violinist               3. a perfectly symmetrical Asian teen model
4. Dwight Eisenhower                                4. A very young Sharon Stone
5.  A Caucasian Marine                              5. Tyra Banks
6.  Morgan Freeman
7. Geraldo Rivera

Seriously, am I reading too much into this? That the examples of 'variability' for us women are 4 western-world-idealized women and a child?