Friday, July 26, 2013


I grew up kayaking on tranquil lakes and rivers but developed a taste for brutal oceanic waters when I lived in Washington.  It was a thrill to paddle furiously trying to conquer waves that tossed you like leaves in a tornado. I loved the push, dizzy unpredictability of which direction you'll be facing next and the necessary hyper-awareness of the balance of your boat. One tiny off-center moment could result in a dunking. 

Yesterday's excursion through a marshy nature preserve was a relaxing reminiscence of early kayak days. There was no danger, no choppy ship canals or 6ft waves to navigate, just glass-like water, the sound of the breeze skipping like a stone & the occasional call of a morning dove.  The thrills were subtle: spotting a great blue heron, seeing the sky reflect perfectly in the water.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The More Events to Write About, the Less Writing Accomplished.

I've had a busy, engaging & productive (in laziness) summer. I was complaining to a friend about having no time to write & he suggested that I start a photo-journal, publishing a handful of photos everyday.  So... here's my first entry: Today, I visited a small farm somewhere north of the Mason-Dixon, east of the Mississippi and west of the Atlantic... (how's that for vague!).

I love the stimulation, energy & impossibility of boredom in Big City but the silence and stillness of this last week have been very centering. This is something I'll need to search out over the next few years to maintain my psychological balance.