Sunday, July 29, 2012

Orientation Tomorrow

My anxiety has evolved into anticipation. I spent the evening checking and rechecking all my to do lists confirming that everything is, in fact, done.  I'm really excited.

Tomorrow is going to be mostly routine legalities: computer class, bursar's office, fin aid, security for parking and ID badge, student health etc.

Tuesday and Wednesday will consist of 'meet everyone even remotely affiliated with BCMS' talks. Deans, class leaders, volunteer services, student support services, advisors, student advisors, med spanish group, security systems, the janitors, patients who haunt the ED and the guy who rides his bike past the hospital every day all have an hour slot to tell us what they're about.

Thursday and Friday are the CPR classes. Luckily I'm slotted for Thursday so my first med school weekend is a 3day! Booyah!

Well, except for the "voluntary" day of service on Saturday.  Actually, I looking forward to it, it being the first time I'll really engage in my new neighborhood.

I leave you with a few photos:
Teton Range: Middle Teton is the far left peak
Me on Middle's summit with the Grand at my back

Even the homestretch had stumbling blocks
I know, I know, climbing a mountain is so cliché but the pimple on my chin looks exactly like the Grand Teton and I couldn't help myself. These photographs have the double contradictory effect of lifting my spirits and keeping me humble.  After my photo is taken twice tomorrow, once for the ID and the other for the composite class photograph, I'll carry (literally) the memories of my climbing adventures all through school.


  1. my med school badge was terrible - the proverbial deer in headlights. good thing i got to wear it every day for four years. i didn't think it was possible, but my residency badge was even worse. good luck!

  2. Mine wasn't as bad as I had feared, despite having no apparent neck...

  3. Well done on the 3 day week-end! It's nice that they're easing you into the whole experience. Hope the first week has been a good one.