Wednesday, July 11, 2012


So. I am sitting in a cute little coffee shop in my new hometown. School starts in 19 days.  My family 'helped' me move. I'm never never letting them again! This is my 5th move of >1000miles but it was more stressful than all the others combined. It's so much easier to a) hire strangers to help load/unload b) organize it without the input of those who think they know best. 

In hindsight, I can't help but laugh but in the midst of it all I had wanted to cry. 

I'm loving my new little apartment and all the things to do around here. I can't wait though to get my teeth back into academics.  I've been footloose for too long and want some structure again.

The school emailed me the MS1 booklist and I'm trying very hard not to jump the gun. I've been averaging a 'fun book' a day in an effort to cram in a year's worth of pleasure reading before school starts. I think that I've overdosed though.  I've reached the bottom of my 'to read' pile and can't drum up the interest to find anything else for the next couple of weeks. Any suggestions out there in cyberworld?

I'm off to the zoo now.


  1. As impatient as you may be to get started (and I remember that feeling well), my advice is to try to enjoy your remaining time off as much as humanly possible. Get to know your new city, discover some good takeout restaurants, and get your life as organized as humanly possible. Things become crazy when you start medical school, and I've heard from reliable sources that it never really stops until you retire.

    Can't wait to read more about your journey! As busy as it will be, it'll be amazing.

  2. I just realized I wrote "humanly possible" twice in one comment. I'm tired. So very tired.

  3. Good advice! I've been cooking with all this time on my hands- time that won't last. I haven't really explored my takeout options. I should also find some places that deliver.

    I can't wait to start!