Saturday, March 10, 2012

Laundry Pieces and Admission Oppositions

Laundry had piled up. It had overflowed from my hamper in the bathroom sprawling into the hall. Plus, I was completely out of clean underwear, even the old granny panties formerly buried deep in the bureau. So I spent the morning, and two rolls of quarters, at the Laundromat, armed with two months of un-listened to news and politics blurbs on my Ipod. I am now caught up, sort-of, in a dilettantish way, on world mechanics.

I was listening to the NPR weekend edition podcast “In Today's Economy, How Far Can A GED Take You?” from 2/19 and the closing music was the instrumental of Dar Williams’ “February”. It’s my least favorite song on that album; I prefer “Southern California Wants To Be Western New York”- mostly because I was once (still am? ) a mousy SUNY student composting in long underwear and the idea of being lusted after… a lovely novelty. Still… I love NPR ☺

Also fruit flies that drink alcohol are protected from parasitic wasps who can’t hold their liquor. It’s self-medication of an awesome sort. Courtesy of “Cheers! Fruit Flies Drink To Their Health, Literally” from weekend update 2/22.

I went head to head with admissions last night. Our unit was one patient away from its limit. Our nurses are not supposed to have more than 7 patients (which, in my opinion, are still way too many, particularly with the acuity we often have on our med-surg floor. It’s dangerous). Anyway, we had been slammed with 6 admissions/add-on post-ops, all within an hour when we got the call for the final one: 50yo man 400lbs AMS and oozing cellulitis, combative, infected with everything that you can think of, bacterial and viral. Bah.

I studied the census board and then called down. We’ll need to move these ladies together, transfer that dude to that room and then we’ll put Conan into this bed.

Admissions response? “Just put Conan into bed 36A.” I could hear her eyes rolling through the receiver.

“We can’t put Conan there. The roommate just had a major surgery. You don’t put infected patients in with surgical. Besides he needs to be closer to the nurse’s station. We don’t have enough staff for a sitter.”

She argued.

Jeez. Did she think I was just looking to occupy my time? We were crazy busy on the floor and who would be doing the actual physical transfer of the patients and all of their belongings and update all the computer records, charts, assignment sheets, ADT book and kardexes? ME. All she had to do was enter in a few keystrokes.

More arguing.

I called the nursing supervisor. She came up, glanced at the census and then called down to the admissions office.

She !!still!! argued but, eventually, the lady in admissions acquiesced and plotted the patients.


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