Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I've narrowed my school choices down to two. One is in a small city just a couple of hours from my family and the other is in one of my favorite metropolitan areas a long flight from home.

Both schools are wonderful, state of the art and awash with opportunities for their students.

This is the first time that I've ever been so excited to make such a hard decision.

I'm tempted to choose metropolis because the program starts a month before small city and I can't wait to get started!!

I'm loving life right now!

I've also fallen in love :)


I know.. I know.. but his voice is haunting.


  1. What a wonderful choice to have to make. My personal vote would be for the big city, but that's purely based on my love of big places and the many photo opportunities they contain. :) I'm sure you'll find many sources of happiness whichever place you choose. (And frustration. There will be frustration in medicine, unfortunately.)

    I adore Damien Rice. I listened to his music over and over again as a medical student, and it was perfect study music. I had no idea he was such good eye candy though!

  2. I posted my wonderful conundrum as a facebook status update and received two distinct responses.

    My friends all voted for the big city (knowing that I'd be happier with all it has to offer) and my remaining family voted for the small city because it's so much closer to them.

    *sigh* My 87yo Grandma told me yesterday that she hopes she can go to my graduation. She doesn't travel well and big city is far too far away. Talk about familial pressure!!

  3. Wow...way to pour on the guilt grandma! :) As much as I'm sure you want to make your family happy, I think ultimately that this will have too big an impact on your life for you to let other people influence your decision too much. As well, I hate to break it to you, but you will probably be just a wee bit busy in medical school and therefore may not have a lot of time to visit your relatives, regardless of how physically close you may be. You may see your family just as much by committing to visiting them from the big city once or twice a year while on vacation as you would if you lived more physically close to them.

    Ultimately, though, I suspect you'll be happy with whatever decision you make. It's a good dilemma to have!