Friday, October 18, 2013

Quick Note

It's been two months since I've posted. Shit. Huh. I don't really feel that guilty because this blog has always seemed more a self-indulgent exercise that has really benefited only me and my ego.  The last few months have been busy. School dominates, I returned home for a visit after 4 long years, extended my social group and re-arranged my furniture several times. The academics are treating me well. My new mentor for our longitudinal 'doctoring' class has given me amazing feedback about my interactions with SPs.

Over our autumn break, I slipped into a sleep in on PST habit and re-adjusting to my normal CST schedule has been challenging.

It's 8:30 on a Friday and I'm exhausted.  Maybe tomorrow I'll post photos of my recent furniture rearrangement. It's pretty awesome.


  1. Welcome back to the blogging world! I was thinking a few days ago that it's been a long time since you've updated. Which is completely understandable because, yes, med school is just a bit busy. Glad to hear you're surviving.

  2. Thanks :) It's hard to update when nothing really ever happens but sleep, eat, study, test etc..

    Life is good though.