Wednesday, October 17, 2012


So... to celebrate that I scored precisely 5 out of 58 on the practice anatomy practical tonight.. (EEK!)
I've compiled two top 5 lists.

Things that I misplace daily (which is really annoying)

1.  The lens cloth for my glasses.  My glasses are chronically smudged and I've an unhealthy dependence on wiping them, an act I perform several times an hour.  You can call my microfiber lens cloth my security blanket. I refuse to use anything else (besides kimwipes swiped from the lab in desperation) because a) glasses scratch really easily and b) they're insanely expensive.  Last night, I emerged from my apartment after 11:00 for the 24 drug store because I direly needed a new cloth. They're like those single socks in the dryer; they up and disappear. This morning, the cloth was gone. Seriously. I set it on my counter and it walked away while I was sleeping.

2. My Ipod nano. It disappears from the gym bag pocket that's its home on a weekly basis only to return (after tearing apartment apart in search) to that same pocket. It's like the traveling garden gnome; at times I half expect postcards of 1.98x10^14 fathoms per fortnight (my nano's moniker because I really am that dorky) posed on the Great Wall.

3. Any important mail. I have the horrible horrible habit of sticking it in the book that I'm currently reading. When I go to retrieve it, I have to try to remember which volume du jour it had been. Books spore you know. You think that you have only a few hundred but then.. you blink... a week passes.. and suddenly you're tearing through thousands looking for the stupid electric bill.

4. My Ipad stylus. Despite the fact that it has an established home, like fathoms- it has pathological wanderlust. I put it in the same pocket of my bag after every class but when I return to put it to work, it's gone! I swear the Bermuda Triangle is legitimate, effective and exists in my bag.

5. My cell phone.  I actually don't have a problem with its disappearance days on end. I don't use my phone very often and my family has learned that email is a much more reliable way to get a hold of me. It usually will turn up randomly like when I'm putting groceries away or running a load of laundry.

List II : things my cat eats that she shouldn't


2. My remaining windowsill herb.  Apparently, cats love basil.

3. My Ipad charger.  ARGGHH!

4.  Used Qtips. She unlatched the bathroom door, opened the cupboard and dug out the Qtips. She was on a mission!

5.  My favorite pre-school splurge:
Sigh.... I really liked those shoes.

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  1. Love the story about the traveling garden gnome! As for cats who eat strange things, I totally understand. My male cat (Hobbes) loves to eat hair and will root through garbage cans looking for it. So strange, and so annoying.