Saturday, December 10, 2011

Missing Disappointment on a Perfect Day

It was the perfect day to be disappointed. Early morning, I walked home underneath soft fluffy snowflakes. The crystal crusted arms of the trees had stolen the stars from the sky. Lavender and magenta streaks of cloud welcomed the sun.

At home, I mixed a new batch of Chai using English breakfast tea and an extra clove. Lovely. I deeply breathed in the steam and melted against the arms of an overstuffed loveseat.

Wiggling my toes in my new fuzzy socks, I pulled my legs underneath me and opened my laptop.

I opened the email from the medical school that interviewed me. My vision went blurry with moisture (I blame the steam of the tea). I reread it twice. My heart thumped.

All that disappointment I had bolstered myself against dissipated.

I got in!!

I didn't realize the stress I had felt the duration of this year until the moment of its disappearance.

I'm going to be a doctor!


  1. Woo-hoooooo! A huge congratulations! I hope you can go out and celebrate big.

    I didn't feel that sense of relief when I found out I'd gotten into medical school, as I was still pretty ambivalent about whether I really wanted to take on a career in medicine. But when it came to matching to a residency spot, I absolutely went through the same thing. I initially couldn't figure out how to access the results on my computer, and I was in an absolute panic until I found them. And when I found out I'd matched to my first-choice program (not a huge surprise, as it was my local program and the one I had the highest chance of being accepted to), I started simultaneously laughing and bawling my eyes out. Such a huge stress, and such sudden relief.

    Anyway, congratulations again. This is where the journey really gets interesting!

  2. I had convinced myself that I wouldn't be accepted and was struggling all autumn to come up with a productive, interesting plan for during the next application cycle.

    I've reread the acceptance packet over and over trying to convince myself that it is real.

    Thanks for the congratulations :) I still can't believe it's real. Maybe when I'm preparing for my first exam...