Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Digs

I'm settling into my new apartment. It's a tiny studio in an old Victorian house with ceilings higher than the room is wide...

I'm using an old refurbished library study table for dining.

I last rented a mother-in-law basement apartment, draped in grapevines and filled with books, that I christened the li-burrow. I haven't yet thought of a clever name for this new place. I'll post some more photos when I finally organize the living/bedroom. It's filled with boxes now and not very inspirational.

We have a patient at work. I'm not able to express the turmoil that this patient throws the hospital into when (s)he is here. I've been on the unit for over a year an this is the second visit. It's an incredibly stressful time for nursing staff, manager and hospital administration. This patient only comes to our floor for reasons that I can't go into without violating HIPAA. I can only say that they're unique and awful. I'm not experienced or clever enough to adequately change the details and still portray the magnitude of this person's effect on us. We get extra staff and the nursing supervisor relocates her center of command to our floor for the duration of the patient's stay. It doesn't help with the stress levels of the nursing staff. My manager hand selects the staff assigned to the room. Though he picks his most reliable, most patient and most experienced, it's not an honor.

The last time, the patient stayed 2 months. I'm not looking forward to another two months of complete anxiety before every shift. Bah.

I received my first med school interview offer. I'm thrilled but my loneliness yesterday was amplified in my hunt for someone to share my excitement. I mentioned it to my coworkers but they were more concerned that this means I may not be there next year. My brother disapproves of my ambition (I'm too old) and my west coast friends couldn't talk last night.

I'm still excited though!!


  1. Bah humbug to the people in your life who aren't excited about medical school for you. Let me be the first one to say an enthusiastic congratulations!!!! As for the age, I was 29 when I started, and there were people as old as 34 in my class. And we were a relatively young class - I've known people in their 40s and even a mother/daughter combo who've gone to medical school. The important thing is that you have the desire and motivation, irrespective of age.

    Fingers crossed for more interviews and ultimately acceptances.

  2. Thanks :) I was able to talk to a couple of close friends today and their enthusiasm more than made up for the lack of from other folk.

    Personally, my age hasn't caused me to pause. I'm going to work regardless, I might as well do something that I know that I'll love. My brother is just very conventional. It's been a point of friction between us for decades. He's appalled that I have no IRA and am not planning my retirement. That's what you do when you're in your thirties you know... He's gotten over all my other escapades; he'll get over this too and then be my strongest supporter.